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I’m N.A. Forte and an aspiring author.  I am currently writing two fantasy web novels, The Polyglot’s Rune and The Siren’s Rune.  They are both the same story, but are taken from different points of view that complement each other.

The Polyglot’s Rune begins with a normal boy who is teleported to another world.  In this world where the strong live and the weak perish, runes are used to enchant/cast magic.  This boy, Kaiden, must learn how to survive.  Meanwhile, he makes it his goal to protect and help his new family: a suspicious boy who follows him out of boredom and a girl who pretends to be a man.

The Siren’s Rune begins with a perfect princess who hates being perfect.  Being born into a patriarchal society, the princess, Emelyn, dreams of choosing her own way of life.  She trains to become a powerful Runist as she bathes her hands in blood.  Meanwhile, she makes it her goal to exact revenge.

I plan for each chapter to be about 3000 words, but some may end up a bit shorter or longer.  The exceptions are the prologues and chapter 1, which I kept very short.

As an undergrad student double majoring in Computer Science and Japanese, I do not have much free time on my hands.  However, my goal is to complete and post at least one chapter a week on either Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday.

All support is greatly appreciated, and I would love it if you tell others about my work.  Thank you, and I hope you enjoy my story!

~N.A. Forte aka Reckeva Gnu


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