April Announcement

Hi everyone!

Last month I had created a glossary, completed The Siren’s Rune Ch.4, Ch.5 part 1, Ch.5 part 2, and The Polyglot’s Rune Ch.9. Unfortunately, I was unable to complete and release Ch.6 and Ch.7 of The Siren’s Rune, so they will be released this month.


My goals for this month are to release…


1. The Siren’s Rune Chapter 6
2. The Polyglot’s Rune Chapter 10
3. The Siren’s Rune Chapter 7
4. The Polyglot’s Rune Chapter 11


The Polyglot’s Rune Ch.10 might come out first, as both that chapter and The Siren’s Rune ch.6 are both more than half way done.

I’m going to try to squeeze in The Siren’s Rune Ch.8, but there are no guarantees because I have two school presentations due this month.

On another note, I wish you all a lovely April and would love it if you tell your friends/family about my web novels!

Have a great day!

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