Hiatus is Over!

Hello All,
The hiatus is now over, and if anyone was wondering, my study abroad and summer course went well. I am currently slowly getting into the flow of things but will be posting chapters for The Polyglot’s Rune. The Siren’s Rune is going to be put on hold for a while, as I think I might want to rewrite the beginning chapters of it.

Also, as an important note, I will be going through The Polyglot’s Rune and making minor changes. The most major would be the changing from italics to single quotes for direct internal thoughts. Reason being is that I had to manually add the italics each time I posted a chapter. The second major adjustment is that I have rewritten chapter 1 and 2 and added a little bit to the prologue. I will put a note above each chapter saying that I have edited it.

P.S. I use Royal Road Legends (there’s a link to it in the sidebar) a lot and it’s easy to use, so chapters (The Polylgot’s Rune) might appear there at a slightly earlier time than here (by a day or two). I also have one short story and a partial NaNoWriMo novel at Royal Road Legends. My username is Reckeva, so feel free to search for it.

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