March Announcement

Hello everybody, I had originally planned to release two chapters a week on Sunday (one for each web serial). However, lately I have been needing to put more time into my studies. Therefore, I am changing my release schedule to having only one chapter release a week on either Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday. Depending on how much time I have free, there might be a second chapter release.


Furthermore, in both The Polyglot’s Rune and The Siren’s Rune there had been places where I had used miles, feet, etc. I have decided that, when I have time, I will go back and replace those measurements with the metric system, so that it would stay consistent. However, I will not be converting a person’s height to the metric system. This is a matter of personal preference. When/if I make a page with character descriptions, I will include a converted measurement.


My goals for the rest of this month are to release The Siren’s Rune Chapter 5-7, The Polyglot’s Rune Chapter 9, and a glossary by the end of this month.

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