May Announcement

Hello everyone! Happy May! I hope you have all been well. Read more for the May Announcement…

As a recap for last month, I had managed to post The Siren’s Rune Ch 6 and The Polyglot’s Rune Ch 10 and 11. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to reach my goal of posting four chapters, so sorry about that.


For the month of May, I don’t have much planned because my finals are just around the corner.

My goal this month is…


1. The Polyglot’s Rune Ch. 12
2. The Siren’s Rune Ch. 8
3. The Polyglot’s Rune Ch. 13


On another note, I have decided to also post The Polyglot’s Rune at the site Royal Road Legends aka RRL (links to the site’s homepage). I will still post here, and I will add the releases to RRL a few days after it is first released here.


    • Gnu

      No, I meant The Polyglot’s Rune. I had never announced that I had added it to RRL, so I thought I should in the announcement just in case someone didn’t realize that I’m also Reckeva at RRL.

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