The Polyglot’s Rune

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(Okay, this isn’t really a synopsis, but I like it. Scroll down for the “old synopsis”)

Fear. Regret. Memories.

They all flashed before my eyes as my life began to fade away. I felt a darkness encroach upon my heart, followed by a sinister foreboding. Within that moment, I was asked a single question by a powerful, mystical being.

“Brave being, do you wish to accomplish a great deed in your life?”

“No,” I refused, but the voice did not listen. It summoned me to its world only to have me slaughtered.

But then, I was saved by him, the princess who disguised herself as a man. He was hellbent on revenge, and he was determined to drag me down with him.


The Polyglot’s Rune is a fantasy web novel about a boy named Kaiden. He is ordinary, talentless, and plain, but has a large heart when it comes to family. At the brink of death, he is transported to a world where runes are used to cast magic and where only the strong can survive. This web novel is a fantasy hybrid that contains magical elements/themes from both western fantasies and what one would find in some Xianxia works.

Xianxia, in its simplest terms, is a type of Chinese fantasy genre that originates from a Chinese Martial Arts genre (Wuxia). There is a bit more to it than that, though. For more information, see this post here written by RWX at

The Polyglot’s Rune is written in first person from the viewpoint of Kaiden. It is also a mirror/parallel of The Siren’s Rune, which follows the viewpoint of Princess Emelyn. Although I wrote the novels so that they could be read as standalones, they are meant to be read together.

Furthermore, I have written The Polyglot’s Rune so that it is action and dialogue heavy. It reads much like a translated light novel. Some may even consider it a light novel; see my article here about “What is a light novel?”


Old Synopsis:

During an unfortunate event, a boy named Kaiden started bleeding to death. His life flashed before his eyes. Before he knew it, he was transported to another world where life and death was determined by strength. Runes were used to cast magic, and everyone was born with a soul rune. When Kaiden arrived, his soul rune awakened. It allowed him to understand all languages, even those long forgotten.

Without the ability to return home, Kaiden latched onto two people. He deemed them, without their consent, to be his new family: a suspicious boy who followed him out of boredom and a girl who pretended to be a man. Kaiden would do anything for them, including facing an underground organization hellbent on world destruction.


Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance

Disclaimer: it is mildly violent and there is some swearing.


Book 1

Prologue: Kaiden
Chapter 1: Soul Rune
Chapter 2: My Will
Chapter 3: That Man
Chapter 4: A New Place
Chapter 5: Little Brother
Chapter 6: The Ruby Plan
Chapter 7: The Pointless Goal
Chapter 8: First Blood
Chapter 9: Ambush
Chapter 10: The Hail Faction
Chapter 11: The Sealing of the Eighth Soul
Chapter 12: Mocha