The Siren’s Rune

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In the continent of Haven, if one asked, “Who is the fairest of them all?” everyone would say it was Princess Emelyn of the Gnudeer Kingdom. Her long flowing hair, the enchanting eyes, the flawlessly smooth skin…no one could compete with her. Everyday she had countless suitors lining up to meet her. With her father’s bidding, she would grace them with a dance.

But with each step, what flashed through her mind?

She dreamed of scaling mountains and of slaying beasts, but most of all she dreamed of revenge. Normally she wore a gentle facade, but today she would finally be free. It was the beginning of her story, the day Gnudeer fell and the day she met the boy named Kaiden.


The Siren’s Rune is a fantasy web novel that follows the life of a princess named Emelyn. She lives in a world where runes are used to cast magic and that only the strong can survive. This fantasy novel is a bit of a mix of genres because it takes elements from both western fantasies and what one would find in some modern Xianxia works.

Xianxia, in its simplest terms, is a type of Chinese fantasy genre that originates from a Chinese Martial Arts genre (Wuxia). There is a bit more to it than that, though. For more information, see this post here written by RWX at

The Siren’s Rune is written in first person from Princess Emelyn’s viewpoint. It is a mirror/parallel of The Polyglot’s Rune. Although I am writing the two novels so that they can standalone if someone only wants to read one, they are meant to be read together.

Furthermore, I have written The Siren’s Rune (and also The Polyglot’s Rune) so that it is action and dialogue heavy. It reads much like a translated light novel. Some may even consider it a light novel; see my article here about “What is a light novel?”


Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance

Disclaimer: it is mildly violent and there is some swearing.


Book 1

Prologue: Emelyn
Chapter 1: The Beginning
Chapter 2: Fateful Meeting
Chapter 3: Alaric the Faceless
Chapter 4: Strange Feelings
Chapter 5: Part 1-Lucky Servant
Chapter 5: Part 2-Lucky Servant
Chapter 6: Kozen
Chapter 7: Memories
Chapter 8: Blue Wish